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Change and Creativity - April 2020

Updated: May 5, 2020

How we celebrate special occasions in 2020 has changed, and how we started the year celebrating to where we are today, may feel worlds apart, especially in how we celebrate with our family and our friends.

Like so many other businesses we have been unable to operate our businesses as usual. One moment we are busy every day planning and designing parties and events, working every weekend creating memorable celebrations, and then the next we are talking to clients to postpone all these special events, and feeling our clients disappointed as their planned ad much anticipated celebrations were no longer able to go ahead as originally planned.

While events have been postponed for the near future, this hasn’t meant that in any way celebrating special days has stopped. I have loved working with clients to ensure that special days are still celebrated at home. Every day I am seeing more creativity, passion and love as businesses change and adapt in innovative ways, families and friends creating unique and special ways to make celebrations fun at home and reaching out to each other to create memories that wont be forgotten.

Rainbows, Teddy Bears, Secret Drive bys and dropping off letters, gifts, home-made cakes, drive by and toot, its all so amazing and inspiring , and shows our love for celebrating with each other and how important these days are to us, as it feels like almost overnight we have found ways to connect, have fun and be creative.

At the start of 2020, I reflected on 2019 and as we often do wondered where did the year go, for Creative Themes it was filled with planning and designing memorable celebrations, meeting incredible new clients and creating more special events and celebrations for clients who have been with us from the start of our journey 6 years ago. It was an such an amazing year for us, but as I do at the end of each year I review our business objectives and set new objectives and projects to achieve in 2020, I was so excited for the opportunities and objectives we set, but also secretly wished for that extra hour a day, as between being a wife, a mum of four amazing children aged between 3 to 22, and a business owner, there is always that internal conflict on where my time is focussed and no matter how organised a daily schedule and work schedule can be, time is one thing that doesn’t stop or slow down.

As things have changed and I find myself with more time to spend on my business,I am doing what I love and being creative and investing energy into the business in the design of new props and décor. In the first week of isolation I completed stock take of all our backdrops, large props, décor and themed props. Going through stock management system and completing safety checks on our props, while very time consuming, it was a bit like Christmas re discovering props that have been purchased but have yet to be hired or used in events.

This task being completed, led to our short term objective as I asked myself, what can I do to continue to be busy be every day and creative, as well as adapt to these changes we are all going through. Our business was founded on DIY party packages but as we grew our business model changed to Event Styling Hire and Coordination. My passion is styling ,and as special days are being celebrated in the home I wanted to use this time to not only be creative and design new props, but to have fun at home, and style those props and themes that I haven’t had the time (opportunity) to use before, continue to work with small businesses of course while respecting social distancing. Celebrations and parties haven’t stopped they are just different and smaller, so I wanted to create and style different parties and themes at home every week, to show you what you can do to celebrate in style at home.

So many amazing businesses have created party packages that you can order to style in your home, to make these days special. One of these incredible businesses is, who provides the gorgeous tableware and balloons for many of my clients events and parties. Favorlane has introduced a range of Party at Home packs, which I love and I am so looking forward to being creative and styling these, so you can see what you can do in your home.

As each party or event at Creative Themes is special and unique and no two are alike, I have enjoyed being creative with these themes and incorporating DIY elements and craft activities, that you will be able to do at home. For children’s themed parties this has been so much fun working on these ideas and then having my little ones test out these ideas. From simple cooking activities, creating their own ice creams and designing their own ice cream tubs, creating their own party hats, and even planting their own mini Peter Rabbit garden.

As I share each theme with you, not only will you see the possibilities of what you can create in your own home, I will also provide links for videos as we as link to the amazing small businesses I have been working with, to create the elements in these parties.

Of course if you have any questions, or would like some advice on upcoming celebrations you are having in your own home during the next few months, please contact me as I would love to be able to help and provide some tips or inspiration on what you can do to continue to have memorable celebrations and party in style at home.

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