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Welcome to the Food Truck Festival

The concept for this party was born when I was asked to create a birthday party for a three-year-old who loves cooking, dressing up, role-playing, cooking shows and food trucks.

wanted to create an interactive fun party, where the children could all play together and create memories of what our little one loved doing at this age. So a children’s food truck festival was created.

We had 5 different food trucks– barbeque, pizza, burgers, ice cream and donuts. We created an outdoor cafe-style seating at the front of each truck with chalkboard menus to match.

Burger Food truck

Pizza food Truck

Donut Food Truck

Ice Cream Food Truck

BBQ Food Truck

It was styled against a 6-metre Food Truck Festival and larger chalkboard menus with festoon lighting.

The take-home gifts included the apron, hats, fairy floss, ice cream truck and ice cream cookies. It was great to watch the children use their imagination to role play and create their own food truck festival.

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